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An Exclusive Future?

What if apocalyptic popular culture, dystopian science fiction, zombie apocalypses, and so on are part of a kind of collective denial of historical responsibility? A view where we as individuals and as a civilisation have no responsibility to the future, we have no cause for shame about how future generations may remember us, because we believe that there won't be a future?

This fits with the 'mindfulness' of capitalism, an ever present present, where the past and the future don't really matter. There is, harking back to Say's law, constant balance in the market in the present.

Part of the value of products in today's market lies in exclusivity. That is, the value of a product lies not so much in what it is, or what it can do but in the fact that you have it and somebody else cannot. A friend told us a story about her sister who worked on a rental luxury yacht. The staff who worked on the yacht, who ate well and had good conditions, were barred from swimming in the sea. Obviously it did not cost anything for the staff to take a dip but it would shatter the illusion of exclusivity for the clients renting the yacht. What was the point in swimming in tropical waters if the maid could do it too? Maybe there's a sense of exclusivity about the planet and its resources? Maybe, we not only want to have land and natural resources, we also want others, and obviously those in the future, not to have them. Of course, consciously, that doesn't make any sense because it would require thinking about people in the future in the first place?