Cultural Industries

Creative and Cultural Industries 2016
Eddie Brennan


This module introduces some theoretical approaches commonly used to understand, critique and manage creative and cultural industries. Throughout the course there will be a concentration on the relationship between culture (anthropological and institutional), work and ideas of cultural value. It will begin with the ideas of Durkheim, Marx and Weber. It will go on to examine Bourdieuʼs work on cultural production as a synthesis of these three classical approaches. We will conclude by addressing the processes that are currently shaping industrialised cultural production paying particular attention to the restructuring of cultural work, employment conditions and new models of creative labour, rights management and distribution.
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Reading List


Lecture 1
Introduction and Overview of the Module

Lecture 2
What is Culture? Emile Durkhiem

Lecture 3
Material and Ideas: Marx

Lecture 4
Rationalisation of Work: Weber

Lecture 5
Culture, Control and Resistance: Adorno, Horkheimer and Gramsci

All Bearing the Same Stamp? Weeds Opening Credits


John Carpenter's They Live (1988)



Žižek on Ideology in They Live

Excerpt from Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media (1992)


The Matrix (1999)

The Matrix (1999) - The Pill Scene


Lecture 6
The Creative Individual?

Lecture 7
Individual Taste and Cultural Consecration?

Lecture 8
Economic Upheaval and Cultural Industries

Lecture 9
Precarious Employment, Entrepreneurialism and Emotional Labour

Lecture 10
Essay Writing Workshop

Lecture 11
The Possibility of Alternative Creative Industry Models

Lecture 12
Creative, Industry and Ideology in Ireland